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see a gap in the existing consensus?

If you see the mainstream consensus about climate action the way we do, you’ll also be seeing gaps. We refer to ‘consensus gaps’ between what is publicly shared about climate action on the one hand, and what is privately or anonymously admitted on the other.

The clearest example is that of climate scientists who privately believe that the 1.5C temperature goal is now beyond reach. Publicly, however, the climate science community aligns with the IPCC’s existing top-line message March 2023 that 1.5C remains within reach. 

Are you a climate scientist and agree with our hypothesis? Please contact us. 

We’re also interested in revealing more ‘consensus gaps’. It is how we believe the general public can be empowered to shift the consensus on climate action into more urgent and realistic territory. We vision this culminating in a citizen-led reality check of implausible climate targets. 

Do you believe your profession or sector is saying one thing publicly but something different privately? Is this ‘something’ that the public needs to know to help them move the needle in the direction of  meaningful climate action?

We’re not asking you to whistleblow. Rather, what you’re aware of might make a compelling anonymous survey – just like the public poll downloadable here

To get the ball rolling, drop us a note at hello@PeopleGetReal.org or fill in the contact us form on the home page.

It’s entirely confidential. 

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